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Подборка полезных плагинов для Vbulletin 4  Подборка полезных плагинов для Vbulletin 4
post Nov 10 2011, 02:42 PM
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-- user forum communication vBExperience 4
advanced and highly customizable level/promotion and activity measure system with awards,
achievements, promotions and activities. It will calculate an activity and experience score
for every user based on their activites on the forum. Now your users will see how their
level is increasing by participating on your forum.
(= Yet Another Awards System) Notifications System like Google +
and Facebook v2.0 [DBTech] User Status & Moods v1
lets your members put their current doings and feelings into a short message to be
displayed next to their posts and in their profiles. Auto-Subscribe New User to Forum Social Group Calendars AdiInviter Contacts Importer /
Inviter : Brings Massive Real Traffic To Your Website
contacts importer / inviter script. Just like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut or Hi5 AdiInviter
system allows your visitors to import all contacts from their address book and send
personalized email invitations to all their friends referring / asking them to join your
website. Unread Threads Marker
This Add-on re-implements "The threads below have not been updated since your last visit
but still contain unread posts." for New Posts searches fast & nice text quoting
This mod helps to easily quote selected message text. When you select text with mouse,
you'll see popup menu, which can copy quote to fast reply box. See screenshot. Hide Quoting of Ignored Members Facebook-like news feed for your
forum! My Threads & My Posts Links in a
Drop-Down Menu

-- seo FUZZY SEO Booster - increase long
tail search traffic AUTOMATICALLY!
It automatically increases your search engine traffic for long tail queries, by embedding
the actual search terms that people use to find your site in an auto-updating tag cloud on
every page. vBulletin to Twitter, live tweets of
new threads
(= vBulletin Tweet Poster) [Mod-Mall] Tynt - Add link to
copy/pasted content (for SEO) Websites who have referred today Show signature restriction Quick Auto Tagger
After a user types a title this modification will automatically take keywords from the
thread title and add them as tags with no database queries or modifications Link to Us Site Add New Facebook "Like" Button and
Social Plugins (and OpenGraph to Headinclude) Open Local links in same window,
External in new window Tag Cloud - Forum Home Advanced SEO META Tags
for vBulletin vBSEO Sitemap Generator Addon Module

-- social engines [Mod-Mall] Google +1 - Googles
'like' equivilent
This mod inserts the javascript before your header making the script load faster, all you
then have to do is insert a small tag where ever you want the button to show up Email Reminder for inactive users

-- usability SubForum List Control Right side column on forum home and
forum display AJAX real-time feed of new
posts/threads Top Reputation on Forum Home View more thread same category 1.2.2
full New Latest Album Pictures - Forum
Home Avatar in Header First post on all pages
The 1st message of the thread will stay at top all the time even while you are checking
other messages related to this subject. Central What's New Widget BF-Easy Pages for vBulletin4 BT - Displays avatars forumdisplay Videos on your profile pages Latest Forum Threads - 0 Query Advanced Quick Reply - Advanced
Quick Edit - With Smiles!! Guest Warn - Elegant Warning for
your guests User Avatars In Thread Listing Global Threads for VB4
Global Threads are threads that show up in every forum (or forums you specify) as opposed
to just a single forum. Everywhere Sidebar 4 VB4 Top posters widget type Display Unread Posts and Reputation
Comments SCANU's Warning to Users Awaiting
Email Confirmation
add a warn in the forum that alert users that they are awaiting email confirmation (only if
they are). Look at the screenshots for more! Rhoov's News Slider WoG - Quick Selective Quoting [DBTech] AJAX Threads v1 (vB4) [AJAX] MARCO1 Image Resizer With
HighSlide! Today's Top Poster(s) 4.0 Forum Category Icons (Advanced)
add icons to your forum categories on the forum home page Separate Sticky and Normal Threads

-- paid functions: Subscription Notifications -- Drive
paid subscriptions & renewals microCART: Shopping System for vB4 VigLink
automatically affiliates all of your outbound links so you get paid when visitors click
through and buy something.
(= Make Money from Links your Members
Post) vbBux and vbPlaza v4
all in one currency and store system for vBulletin The second post is advertising Paid Registration [and Anti Spam!] Point Market System 3.1x [DBTech] vBShop v2 (vB4) CartPlog: The Lite PayPal Shopping

-- another usefull functional Watermark Generator
This mod adds a watermark to album and attachment images. Members Can't Download Attachments
Before Reply - Or X Usergroup Auto Youtube Link-Converter Mark Threads As "Solved" News & Announcements Hide Poll Results vS-Hide Hack Resurrection
able to define who exactly can view the information in any particular post Quote Img & Video to URL Threads Auto Close
automatically close threads after defined priod of time Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate
Guests to Register Classifieds: Mark Thread as "Sold" Doublepost Prevention VB4 - Mobile Phone / iPhone / PDA
Detection and Style Assignment Cel PHP in Custom BBCode VSa - (De)Bump Threads SCANU's Note profile field empty

-- full solutions Product Review Forums – Research,
Reviews & Comparisons OwnPlayer - Your own video player AgeLock v3.5
It gives you the ability to keep those Under 18's out of your adult section Import External Images BBCode: Embed PDF Files (No
JavaScript/No iFrames) Answer Forums Light (System like
Yahoo Answers) vBulletin Link Directory Auto Birthday Greeter [AJAX] Live Search Basic QR Intergraton (2D Barcodes)
for VB Threads (QR Pages by BOP5) VB4 VC_Countdown (FORUM BLOCK)
calculate the remaining time left to reach your targeted event according to the GMT Time
Zone Offset that you have pre-set in the admincp microSUPPORT (F.A.Q & Ticketing Live

-- antispam Chiplove.9xpro - Limit new
thread/post per day

-- administration Change Author And Creation Date Of
(= Change Threads/Posts Owner/Date
for vB4)

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